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TOA Group is celebrating its 80th anniversary.
When the company was founded in April 1944, we started doing business with「Hirao Sanpei Shorten」a cosmetics company that sold cream as Creme de Lait and it became an explosive hit from the end of Meiji period (1896~) to the beginning of Showa period (~1936).
Since then, our company has had many opportunities to share valuable time and gain experience through doing business with many cosmetics companies.
There is no doubt that this experience is the foundation of our current high quality products and services.
Our company will continue to put “Customer satisfaction first” and strive to further improve quality and grow our business.
We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

2024, April 1st
President Tsuguhiko Kamiya

  • 2024.04.01 80th Anniversary
  • 2020.12.15 A new homepage has been renewed!!
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